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Indulge yourself in a tranquil Thai atmosphere to calm your nerve with the massage therapist who was a certified nurse in the operation room in famous hospitals in Thailand. She understands well how to keep the room hygiene and safety.

Book now to embark on a relaxing journey where you can gradually let go of your stress and enjoy the soothing massage that will revitalize your positive energy and feel recharged. Some massage movements could be painful depending on your muscle condition. The purpose is to heal and alleviate your stiff muscle and pain.

Under the health regulation over the COVID 19 pandemic, we would have to request any customer to wear a provided hygiene facial mask at all times when you are in the property. We can accept only one customer at a time and with an interval of 30– 45 minutes between the client for the room hygiene process.

Welcome to Sukho Thai Healing, conveniently located at Nomad & Flatiron NYC.

Sukho Thai Healing is ready to welcome and treat you to a traditional Thai massage experience that relieves your stress and betters your physical and mental well-being. We understand that life can be hectic and overwhelming. Sometimes we need to take a break from the daily routine to heal our sore muscles, tired mind, and soul.

At Sukho Thai Healing, we offer traditional Thai massage therapy with the tranquility of contemporary Thai decoration in a clean and hygienic room. The soothing environment will lull you to indulge in a peaceful and relaxing therapy. Our massage techniques aim to soothe your stiffed muscle, relieve the blockage built-up by stress, and alleviate your pain. Sometimes the process can be painful according to your condition, but it is sure to soothe your chronic muscle pain afterward. The healing also helps to de-stress your mind and energize your body with a smoother flow of blood circulation that may result in a healthier condition of the body and mind.

Make the right decision for yourself and schedule an appointment with us now to start embarking on this relaxing journey so you can benefit from this de-stressing therapy, feel revitalized and recharged.

 All services by appointment only – no walk-ins please.

No unannounced walk-Ins please. We may be busy serving other customers during that time.
Thank you!